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High Systolic Reading

Posted by @backwaterbilly in Heart & Blood Health, Nov 8, 2011

Does anyone have experiance lowering Systolic pressure without lowering Dialostic pressure?


Posted by @lucky5, Jun 13, 2012

do u excercise? eat well? sleep well?...age?....iam supposed to have hi blodd pressure, even i have always exercised all of my life, im a beer drinker, i was prescribed lisonipril i 10 took them for one month ..stop cause of the annoying side efects, my readings were
150/74/62 sometimes but in the mornings i do have a like tthis morning my pressure was 125/70/62 taking melatonin 3mg at night but not evreynight 3 0r 2 perweek and also im taking ultracoq10.. 3 times per week my Dr. doesnt know this and im feeling fine.


Posted by @backwaterbilly, Jun 13, 2012

who prescribed melatonin & ultracoq10 if your doctor doesn't know?


Posted by @lucky5, Jun 14, 2012

no body, just did some research in the internet, u should do the same before u decide to go on, its just that i dont believe in taking pills, melatonin and coq10 are both naturally produced by our body this r not drugs, u should consult with ur dr. if u r blood pressure is that bad..i use melatonin to sleep well since lack of sleep contribuites to rising ur blood pressure, and coq10 r vitamins that give u energy... but u should do ur own research and decide.

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