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High Pressure on Urethra

Posted by @paris8062002, Nov 4, 2011

About 6 years ago, I started having what I thought was incontinence. I went to the doctor & I kept saying, I’m having ‘bladder’ spasms – because that’s what it felt like. Unbeknown to me, my bladder appears to be fine but I was told (after seeing many MDs, Urologists, and even Neurologists) that I have what’s call ‘high pressure’ on my urethra. So my urethra is apparently spasming.

The doctor then gave me pills for high blood pressure as one of the side affects is to help relieve the pressure and also she gave me Vesicare. The HBP pills did nothing & when I take incontinence meds, it causes me to have a cramp in my abdomin, I presume that’s in my bladder. Not sure how else to explain all of this.

One doctor told me that the next step is to have InterStim which I really do not want to do as I don’t like the side affects that it could cause. This doctor who kept pushin this procedure explained how he had one patient & he needed three to do this because otherwise it isn’t cost effective for him to rent the machine. Needless to say, I no longer see that doctor.

Has anyone else experienced ‘high pressure’ in this manner? I’m finding it really hard to believe that doctors can’t figure this out. I cannot be the only person to have this problem.

Thank you for your time.



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Posted by @sweetgrannie8, Dec 18, 2011

I have an interstim implant. don’t know anything about machine rentals. Prior to implant I was having bladder infections and leakage and went thru all bladder tests bladder treatments. The implant did help but I have urine leakage when I lay down and the specialists doesn’t know what the problem is. One doctor does not know everything. I was put on antibiotics for the infections and then put on IV antibiotics which I didn;t finish because I ended up hospitalized for 6 days with c-diff, The antibiotics killed my good bacteria as well as the bad

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