High diastolic spikes: Seen many specialists, who to see next?

Posted by houston2818 @houston2818, May 30, 2022

Started in Feb this year .. sudden spikes for dialostic and sometimes heart palpitations

Started with nephrologist and endocrine who ruled out any adrenal issues

Cardiologist ruled out any heart issues.. went for second cardiologist and he checked calcium score and ruled out further more

Recommended using metoprolol but it is causing with low bp even with very less dosage 12.5 mg .. as I only get spikes after heavy meal or if I walk more

Went to GI who did both colonoscopy and endoscopy and found minor acid reflux

Neurologist ruled out any issues with nerves and brain and also carotid arteries

Still getting the episodic spikes of bp and palpitations makes me nauseous due to bp spike.. sometime I feel like I loose conscious while driving

Who should I go to?

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@houston2818, you've been to see many specialists who have ruled out some of the obvious potential causes. However, these spikes in blood pressure and the accompanying palpitations must be alarming, especially while driving. What has been suggested as the next avenues of investigation by the specialists you've seen? Do you have sleep apnea?


Have you tried an Electrophysiologist Cardiologist yet? They specialize in heart rhythm issues and I’m under 24/7 monitoring by an emplaned loop heart recorder that is checked for any electrical anomalies because I have a 1 in a million heart birth defect. Many things can spike your bp and cause palpitations, that was one of my issues. Bp would jump to over 200/100 and palpitations so hard it felt like I was punched in the heart. Has your adrenaline levels been monitored? It’s an issue most regular cardiologist will immediately prescribe Metoprolol for but that just mask the symptoms but doesn’t find the cause of the problems. Good luck!

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