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High Cholesterol

Posted by @lauramaria, Jan 31, 2012

Looking for people that effectively lowered their cholesterol without medication. I am in my 50’s so I think there is still hope.



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Posted by @powerofpositive, Feb 1, 2012

try a red yeast rice supplement, change your diet if needed, exercise. Maybe these will help but genetics play a big role. Enquire what the ratio is of ldl-vs-hdl levels, including trigliserides. Sometimes the levels counter balance each other.


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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 26, 2012

Mine is through the roof courtesy of comfort foods.


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Posted by @china, Apr 27, 2012

Fish oil n garlic


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Posted by @piglit, Feb 4, 2012

Hi my chloesterol went very high and I managed to get it down by the things that I eat. I cut out on all the sugary things and the next blood test had shown that it had gone down.


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Posted by @brigid, Apr 4, 2012

The most important part of lowering cholesterol is a low fat diet, especially low in trans fats and saturated fats. Look at the ‘Nutrition Facts’ posted on all food product packages and choose foods that are low in Cholesterol. Eat less than 200 mg of Cholesterol a day. Watch your intake of carbohydrates and sugar as well. Eat foods high in soluble fiber. a dietician could counsel you, or you can just go online and look up ‘cholesterol’. It’s all there.
It can be done without medication, but it’s believed that it takes three years to lower your cholesterol by diet alone the same amount that the medication will do it in a few months. Faster is better if your levels are high.
I just had a TIA (‘warning’ mini-stroke) at the age of 61 and am more worried about getting my Cholesteral levels down quickly than about how I do it. There’s nothing more terrifying than having an arm and a leg suddenly become paralysed and wondering if you’re going to go on to have a fullblown stroke, lose consciousness, or just die before you can get help. All I care about is being sure it never happens again….so I’m taking the medications as well as changing my eating habits.
So there’s still hope that you can lower it by diet alone…of course you can, but you might want to do it sooner than later just to be safe. |Heredity, age and lifestyle all play a part. Good luck and I hope things go well for you.


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Posted by @barb5454, Sep 21, 2012

My cholesterol is also high beginning 10 years ago so I wonder if it was induced by hormone changes. I tried statins but did not like the side effects of elevated liver enzymes (inflamed liver), memory changes, and chronic constipation. I have switched to a vegetarian diet with fish only, daily exercise, and yoga and take fish oil and phytosterols. My levels are still high and my doctor is pressuring me to take statins again. I do not want to take them, but worry I will regret it. My blood pressure and weight are normal. Any suggestions?


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Posted by @lauramaria, Sep 21, 2012

Hi. I got mine down by taking fish oil and 1200 mg of red yeast rice supplements. I also began to exercise more regularly which you sound like you already do and did get my weight down. I would highly recommend you don’t take any statins. My mother is having terrible memory loss now after taking it for years. Perhaps you can try an accupuncturist and/or a nutritionist – look around till you find good ones. I have an accupuncturist that uses NAET which you can look up. It works great. Same concerpt about opening up energy channels but done a bit differently. I myself am afraid of statins. Good luck!


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Posted by @lokelani, Nov 19, 2012

Hi – I know many people swear by oatmeal, everyday, so I have been doing that. And I take plant stanols, like CholestOff Complete by Nature Made, which is a natural way to lower your cholesterol. I always think the more natural the better and less drugs in your system means less side effects. I will be going to have my blood taken this Wed. and find out the week after how my cholesterol is doing. Good Luck!


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Posted by @anniebear, Nov 21, 2012

Hi – just wondering if your cholesterol numbers came down. I just got my cholesterol test back and my numbers are creeping up again, despite my efforts to eat a better diet. Has CholestOff Complete worked for you? I really, really do NOT want to take statins.

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