High B12 bloodwork of 1859pg/ml and High ANA

Posted by janmarie2023 @janmarie2023, Jan 16, 2023

I am a 70 year old woman. I was diagnosed 25-30 years ago with Sjogrens Disease. I have muscle aches and pain, severe dry eyes and mouth, fatigue, brain fog, peripheral nephropathy in my feet and a trigger thumb. My feet can be bright red and feel extremely hot, which makes it hard to sleep. Now it is happening to the palms of my hands and my fingers. And my skin itches on my back. I recently had a series of blood work done. What showed as high was my Vitamin B12/1859pg/ml and my ANA was high. All other tests came back normal. My doctor told me that my high B12 was nothing to worry about. I have, also, had sensitivity in my upper right abdomen. Can you please help me as to what to do next. Thank you so much! Jan

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@janmarie2023, welcome. Fellow members @ellamster @lisag03 @wa34937 had a similar discussion about high B12 here:
- Very high B12 +folate levels while vegetarian not taking supplements: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/very-high-b12-folate-levels-while-vegetarian-not-taking-supplements/

What to do next is such an important question and a hard one to answer. Have you asked your doctor what are the next steps? Is your doctor a rheumatologist? Is a second opinion the best next step or a specialist referral?


Hi..I’m 72 and have a number of disorders and immunity issues and syndromes…..while discovering my cure for MCAS in my case, I tripped over an allergy to oxalates. It is said the 85% of women in our age group are living with oxalate overload and suffering many health issues because of it. It is recommended if you have kidney stones, or IBS or body ache , arthritis and so many histamine intolerance. But that info is just not out there. As soon as I added this info and diet changes , the last piece of the puzzle fell into place including being more alert. As I dug deeper I found out that it is also recommended for people on the autism spectrum and people with dementia! Well hell, the rest of us are suffering too!….there is book called Toxic Superfoods, by Sally K Norton, Amazon $14 , and she takes you through all of it and gives you your shopping lists . I was shocked that things like almonds, spinach, rhubarb, dark chocolate, dates, most berries, yams, potatoes , chocolate milk, olives and apricots and avocado were just some of what is on the NO list for super high oxalates!….shocking…..but I have been on this just a little while and all the bad symptoms of my body are dissipating so fast I can’t believe it. At the checkout counter in every super market this week, is a magazine called FIRST for women. This week has Suzanne Summers on it…..get it!…..inside is all the information on how oxalate overload is killing women’s joy all over America!……I’ve only got a week under my belt and feel like a new woman…….I hope you get it !! We have too few years left to waste time!!!


jan, Please let me know about the B12 thing , cause mind was high also and Doctor said the same thing. That she would probably skip the next appt. and do another test... I'd like to know why my last doctor wasn't watching my test results...that's the question. I dumped her..she was too stupid for me to deal with serious health problems I have.. take care of yourself the best you can...ok Luann

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