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Hiatal hernia release

Posted by @bjje, Feb 27, 2012

A family member of mine has a hiatal hernia with a large portion of the stomach above the diaphragm and twisted at the point it goes through because of scoliosis. We’ve been to good GI guys and ultimately ruled out any surgery because of age and other conditions. We’ve not received much in the way of help. I have one specific guestion and wonder if someone has stumbled on an answer. Upon eating, food backs up at that diaphragm and causes the expected radiating pain. It lasts for awhile and something eventually triggers it to release, gives up a burp and clears on through. A sip of hot water sometimes helps bur not often enough.
Is there anything that might trigger that release on demand instead of waiting for it?



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Posted by @graziahc, Apr 29, 2012

I have been told to use alkaseltzer golg


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Posted by @carole1, Jul 21, 2011

I have a large hiatus hernia and I am looking for anyone who has undergone surgery for this condition. The surgery they want to do on me will not allow me to throw up or burp ever again – are there alternatives?


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Posted by @bink, Sep 25, 2012

wondering if there are any PBCers out there who also had / have GERD and a Hiatal Hernia ? i sometimes wonder if this is not where all my problems started , just curious . Thanks

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