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Posted by @leoreynaverin in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jul 21, 2011

im a nurse student.Recently my lecturer ask me to do an assigment about the searching for complication of this condition.what do you think the complication would be?

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Posted by @chubster, Jul 21, 2011

You could lose part of the bone infected. My wife is a nurse and is very knowledgeable, so do not hesitate to write any time. Good luck in your studies.


Posted by @gloria, Jul 21, 2011

By Mayo Clinic staff
Osteomyelitis complications may include:
Bone death (osteonecrosis). An infection in your bone can impede blood circulation within the bone, leading to bone death. Your bone can heal after surgery to remove small sections of dead bone. If a large section of your bone has died, however, you may need to have that limb amputated to prevent spread of the infection.
Septic arthritis. In some cases, infection within bones can spread into a nearby joint.
Impaired growth. In children, the most common location for osteomyelitis is in the softer areas, called growth plates, at either end of the long bones of the arms and legs. Normal growth may be interrupted in infected bones.
Skin cancer. If your osteomyelitis has resulted in an open sore that is draining pus, the surrounding skin is at higher risk of developing squamous cell cancer.


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Posted by @leoreynaverin, Jul 21, 2011

oww..thank you so much sir for your important information..:)i really appreaciate it..::)sir,if you dont mind,can i know other complications for osteomylitis?


Posted by @magicone29, Nov 9, 2011

I know this is a late reply but I developed parapsilosis candida. I had four deep abcesses that formed after my initial surgery. This invaded my spine and I was also septic. I am not immunocompromised and this is usually a hospital acquired infection. I spent 59 days in the hospital and nearly died! Unfortunately I made 13 calls to the University of Iowa requesting an appointment, I am an RN and thankfully the Doctor I worked for called and got me an appointment. If not I am sure I would not be here today. So this is a very rare complication. I was treated with Amphotercin B for 6 weeks and Diflucan 600 mg for 12 months. I had an anaphylactic reaction to the Amphotercin B but infectious disease concluded I would indeed die if this drug was not given. I believe I was given Benadryl, Ativan, Lasix and Demerol prior to the start and then half way through the infusion. I went into acute pulmonary edema multiple times. It has taken over two years to be able to walk again and I just started driving. I have kidney damage from the amphotercin B and am on total disability. I know you are probably finished with this assignment but wanted you to know that this is a very rare complication. I am convinced if the Doctors would have listened to me the outcome would have been different. Instead of seeing me..they prescribed Neurontin, and doubled Dilaudid. One of the key elements was that I had a temp of 99.6 or 100.2....they WOULD not see me unless my temperature was above 101. Candida infections usually do not have elevated WBC or fevers (classic)

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