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Hi was wondering how you are doing and how you came out

Posted by @lynettegable in Just Want to Talk, Aug 24, 2011

Hi was wondering how you are doing and how you came out at Mayo on August 9th. Please let me know how you are doing @barbarosa54


Posted by @barbarosa54, Aug 24, 2011

Sorry, Im not sure how this works...I found your question while scrolling down. I didnt find out much on Aug 9. They did an evaluation and the info will be passed onto an operative committee consisting of doctors of various specialities. They will decide whatever approach is necessary. Im hoping for a minimally invasive approach, especially from the front if that is even necessary in my case. I want to avoid all the scar tissue build up from multiple anterior approaches and also the extreme blood loss involved in such procedures. If they cannot come up with a posterior only reviision or if they have to approach the spine from the front I hope they can use minimally invasive techniques such as TLIF or XLIF which utilize access by way of small incisions and scope surgery. If a full anterior/posterior procedure is called for I am not sure that I will go through it again. It almost killed me in 2008 when I was 54 and a LOT stronger than I am now. I really dont think I can survive another full blown anterior/posterior procedure.. I am awaiting the operative committees finding which will be around the first week in September (they just met prior to my visit on aug 9 and meet monthly. So I should hear something pretty soon. Hoping for good news, willing to accept the status quo. Will not undergo the full anterior/posterior procedure again.....I really dont think I will survive the recovery.

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