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hi there well yes i have and it is driving me nuts

Posted by @mellynntelusnet in Just Want to Talk, Feb 22, 2012

hi there well yes i have and it is driving me nuts was in AZ has to come home i was so sick i am so tired all the time now i have been on 2 fifferent anti i had so much green brown yellow crap coming out of my noise throat my chest rattling so loud i could not sleep cold not breath got over the chest infection and i get it all the dam time for some reason they dont n whay i get it alll the time getting my sinues xray this week i use rince noise spray my head feels so full all the time my ears ring can not fuction right there are days i cant drive cz i am dizzy and forget things trying to think of anything but cant went blank now can you tell me how it all does to you and do you have any of these things i mention any one out there need the hel[ be for i go crazy thank you so much to anyone that can get back to me @blondie67

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