Hi there! Its been MANY months since I've been on the Mayo

Posted by Bettyann @bettyann, Sep 14, 2013

Hi there!
Its been MANY months since I’ve been on the Mayo site but I really took a liking to you and your posts. Did you ever get DSAEK surgery? I am to have that done on my L eye this coming Wednesday…. so many things kept interrupting my appts…like my bldg. starting on fire and we were displaced for awhile…but back home again.
I have kept using the Muro…I guess it helped.
Am NERVOUS about the surgery because you have to be so careful for that first day…mostly flat on your back so the ‘bubble’ can gather up the necessary cells properly. But must hope for the best.
Would like to hear from you. Hope you are doing ok. In Colorado we are trying to keep afloat… never seen anything like it in this .,,, Colorado is an ARID state…usually. More rain coming.
Anyway, drop me a line if you wish. would love to hear from you.
Bettyann @oldasdirt

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