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Hi There. I had IBS my whole life and now I don't

Posted by @marnidiamond in Just Want to Talk, Jan 19, 2012

Hi There. I had IBS my whole life and now I don't have it anymore. I had Fibromyalgia/CFS/IBS and neuropathy for decades, and my doctors had me on meds and I changed my diet, but nothing helped until the final thing I tried, and that healed it all! I have made it my mission to share this information with the world, I can't help it! You do not need to be in LA to do this, and you should do it! Let me know if you want more info, like the phone number. @awanishibs77


Posted by @awanishibs77, Jan 20, 2012

Hi Marni
Can you share the treatment what ever you have tried and got the solution finally and so hope its realy help to me.


Posted by @rondadonda, Aug 15, 2012

Hi I have everything you had plus more. Could you share


Posted by @awanishibs77, Oct 30, 2012

Hi Marni i want more info like phone no also if possible

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