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Hi there. Andropause

Posted by @akm, Oct 13, 2011

Any body to explain what is andropause and any natural remedy for it



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Posted by @philuser, Apr 9, 2012

By the time you reach the age of 45, you might begin to experience a phenomenon similar to female menopause – this is known as andropause. Unlike menopause, though, andropause does not have a menstruation mark to determine transition. Instead, bodily changes occur very gradually, which are usually accompanied by: mood swings, fatigue, decline in the sex drive and loss of physical dexterity.
It can be remedied by getting your testosterone levels back up where it should be. Studies show that this decline in testosterone can put your health at risk. Going through andropause is susceptible to health problems such as heart disease and bone density depletion which can lead to Osteoporosis.


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