Hi Stacy, Thanks for the words "Don't give up, ever!.. and I

Posted by Hans @hans, Nov 12, 2011

Hi Stacy, Thanks for the words “Don’t give up, ever!.. and I also believe in God. As if our lives are already written.
Try not to cry, God loves you. And the next thought is why, what did I do I ask myself, use to anyway.
Have a good day, Hans @stacums

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Hi,good morning. I guess I never asked why I have jra cuz it just is,I’ve known any life with out it. I just struggle w self esteem cuz my teeth are falling apart,my jaw,my neck pushes on my spinal cord causing a multitude of issues,and all my other joints. I have issues with believing its ok,I’m pretty just as I am. I try very hard,daily. I don’t get out much cuz I don’t have energy n I have lots of friends just not here,they all are up in Duluth n Grand Marais MN. I am on face book too n I love that forum,but I don’t talk much about my j.r.a. on there. I don’t want pity,just understanding ,empathy,and to know I matter just as God made me. I will keep my chin up:P it really helps to know I’ve found this site n can talk about how I really am feeling. You have a good day too and God bled you:P,Stacy


God bless you! (I miss-spell sometimes cuz I can’t bend my fingers or wrists)..<3


Hi Stacy, I see you mentioned face book. Sorry to say, but I never liked it. It was about old friends in the neighborhood and others. They really weren’t good friends. I get the impression they haven’t ventured out in life at all. Maybe some day I’ll sign again, just to see what’s up. Tomorrow (sunday) is NFL Sunday. I’m looking forward to watch the Bears win. I’m sure thats your favorite sport of sports to watch hu. Take care, Hans


I like f.b. cuz I do have a lot of good friends that I got back in touch w because of it,I don’t have a favorite team per say,I do love football tho.:P hope you had a good day!

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