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Hi Rosemary , Thanks for the message :) , it has been

Posted by @bink, Jun 25, 2013

Hi Rosemary ,
Thanks for the message 🙂 , it has been a very busy time but i finished up today and will head home to hubby and my boys tomorrow ! i am as excited as a young child on Christmas morning ~ lol . Things as far as my health and the PBC have gotten worse and they now believe i have PSC and AIH and i am really confused now 🙁 not with the PSC but the AIH as i have been tested and shown i don’t have Hepatitis and was given the series of shot to keep from getting it but yet i have AIH ??? i don’t understand and they just said its my immune system which does not explain it . i am also down to 92 lbs ( i was found to have malabsorption ) so i am severally underweight and possibly needing a feeding tube . the bile ducts out side the liver are patent but the bile ducts inside the liver are showing narrowing and do not look right so they will present my case to the committee tomorrow then they said they will call me in a few days and also send a letter . billirubin is at 11 and MELD is at 18 now . @rosemarya


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