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Hi Rhonda, I was diagnosed in 4/2010, with have primary peritineal

Posted by @phgoakhill, Jan 8, 2012

Hi Rhonda,

I was diagnosed in 4/2010, with have primary peritineal cancer (now metastatic) which is treated the same as ovarian cancer. I rec’d Taxol and Crboplatin for 6 months after surgery to remove the primary tumor. Report was good: no other organs involved, no lymph node involvement and the tumor was a primary one. Unfortunatley, after being off chemo for 6 mos. ithe cancer returned and I was put on Doxil for 5 months. At that point, my CA-125 began to go up so I’m now receiving Carboplatin every three weks for an indefinite period at this point……we’ll see how it oges. I had peripheral neuropathy as a result of the first chemo series and it now seems to be a permanent condition but I’ve learned to manage depite the numbness and itngling. However, I know N. P. is also a side effect of Carboplatin so I’m not sure what to expect. If it gets worse than it is now, I may have to request a switch to another chemo med. That will present a real dilemma if the drug is reducing the tumors. I’m feeling pretty good and lead a farily normal (the “new” nromal, as I escribe it) life most days, but I’m retired so don’t have to get to work every day. The worst part so far is the extreme fatigue chemo always causes and the Carboplatin is much worse than the Doxil was in this regard. You have to make your own decisions about working whileon chemo but pls.cbe constantly aware of your compromised immune system. You don’t want to catch a cold, strep throat, etc. while on chemo. I wish you well. I’ve found it easierr to live with cancer than I ever imaigined it could be and while it concerns me, I decided when diagnosed that I’d seek the best possible treatment, rally family and friends to support me when I need to talk and then to live each day fully. It works. Pls. keep me posted on how you’re doing. @rhondavford


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