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Hi piglit- My mother appears to be in the early stages of

Posted by @paige, Jul 28, 2012

Hi piglit- My mother appears to be in the early stages of some kind of dementia. Her cognitions and her personality are changing; along with signs of irritibility, agitated depression, anxiety and the tendency to say just exactly the very thing that will hurt my feelings. I’m getting to the point where it’s difficult to drum up the desire to spend time with her. I feel a mixture of anger, guilt and sorrow. When I joined an Alzheimers online group, after a little while I had to leave because the stories were starting to make me feel worse. Maybe you would be comfortable helping me to understand what I’m supposed to do ? It’s just me looking out for her- My brother and father died a long time ago. I’m married with two daughters and five grandchildren. I work as an artist out of my home. The health issue I’m managing is bipolar 2. Thankfully, the meds have saved my life. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter. @piglit



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Posted by @piglit, Jul 28, 2012

Hi Paige. Sorry that this is such a difficult time for you. With dementia the carer as being you with your Mum will take all the emotions. People who have dementia change gradually as the condition progresses. It is quite usual for people with dementia to have behavioural issues. As with your Mum they say and do things that they usually would never do. The agitation, depression and axiety all go hand in hand with this. Your mum would be experiencing frustration of knowing that something is not right but not knowing what is causing it.If the online support group is not helping I wouldn’t go there. In australia we can get in home help as I am a carer who goes into the home and assists the family, re personal care, respite, so the family can have a rest. If this is not available or unaffordable you may find a group within your community that has volunteers that are trained to help. My dear as you have health issues and a family as well you need to try to put something in place to help you. Also your Mum will work well to routine of things re breakfast, lunch, dinner bedtime waking up etc They work well to a program in place once taken out of that the behaviour will change and the confusion can increase. Hope this has helped sweetie. Here anytime if you need me. Take care Piglit

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