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Hi Paula, I will be happy to share. I lived with

Posted by @rosemarya in Just Want to Talk, Oct 27, 2011

Hi Paula, I will be happy to share.

I lived with PSC for about 8 years. During that time it was pretty much asymptematic, except for occasional bouts of tiredness/fatigue. My GI checked labs every 3 months, and kept me under close observation. During summer of '08 I began to experience more of the unpleasant side effects as my liver numbers went out of whack. He referred me to the transplant department for an examination at that time. I was listed for a transplant in Nov. '08. And I recieved my transplant in April 2009. I got really sick before my transplant; after transplant - immediately I felt fantastic. I am doing really great, and feel better than I can ever remember feeling!!
I did not have ulcerative colitis along with mine. But I do have an autoimmune skin condition (vitiligo).

My doctor here said that some people progress to cirrhosis, and some don't. There is no way to predict. I also was told that people who have PSC, when they need a transplant, do better that other diseases. This is because PSC patients know what thay have, and they learn how to take care of themselves and stay healthy.

I think that the best source of information is on the Mayo Clinic web site health information. They are the world leaders for treatment of PSC.

Hope this helps. Get back with me anytime.
Rosemary @paulajean

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