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Throat cancer

Posted by @alexcanada, Dec 6, 2011

Hello all. I live in the toronto area. My mother in law has just been DX with throat cancer. she is 85, has lost more than 20lbs and now is 87 lbs. I am very worried. Idiot doc here! they sent her home and NOW she has to wait for the flipping oncologist to call her with the results of th biopsi, and the CT’s of throat, lungs and stomach. You would figure that she should have been kept in the hospital. They are talking Radation. but when? I am so frustrated. Scared she will die before Xmas. Just want to talk to someone bout what they think. Would this happen in the US ?


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Posted by @pjthompsonattnet, Dec 6, 2011

My sister is only 54 and was diagnosed in October after a battery of testing. She has stage iv throat cancer. Taking radiationa and 3 chemo. I dont want to alarm you but she lost 35 lbs while taking the treatment because it is brutal. She has a feeding tube and still gets sick. In the US, it depends on your insurance and where you go. She is going to Mayo Clinic which is awesome. At her age, it will be very, very hard for her. God be with you and her both.


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Posted by @deliasanderson, Dec 13, 2011

you are very frustrated and it’s commendable that you care so much for your mother-in-law. doctors generally know what they are doing and they know how quickly some diseases can be treated and if they should be treated at certain ages. treatment for cancer can be harsh and if one does not have some strength in one’s immune system to recover then immediate surgery or treatment may be questionable. don’t rush the doctors, they will do their best for your 85 yr old mother-inl-law. try to relax and that peace will be the best therapy you give to her. assure her that her file is being studied. also, talk with her and find out just how proactive she wants to be in treating it. my mother’s best friend is 87 and her prosthetic hip has slipped. surgery immediately was recommended and the surgeon was ready but she chose, at her age, not to have it, as she is a retired nurse and knows the recovery was difficult when she was much younger and doubts that she would recover at her age, inspite of being otherwise quite healthy. she has chosen to take the odd painkiller and use a walker.

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