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diagnosed with CLL, confused and scared out of my brain

Posted by @laney1, Dec 10, 2011

I was diagnosed with cll. The doctors have told me that i dont need treatment and i can live for many years without ever needing treatment. He also said i may never need treatment. I am only 32 and am petrified. I have 2 young children i was wondering if any1 out there could give me some suggestions to how i can help myself. I dont know what to do, i cant sit here n wait!!!!! i sooooo scared 🙁



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Posted by @ber01234, Jan 2, 2012

Hey Laney, My father was just diagnosed with chronic leukemia as well this week. Talk about scary, the big C word. The one word you never want to hear. We are waiting on more blood tests to find out if it’s cll or cml. I feel like we are not getting any real answers. He’s been in the hospital since Christmas Eve. The doctors have told my dad that he won’t need any treatment for a while, except maybe a pill. That went against everything in my brain. Why can’t we get in there and fight this thing aggressively?!?! But after much research on the internet it seems like people live for years without any real treatment. Just monitoring for changes. I hope you have had some time to reflect on everything since your diagnosis and that the family has calmed down. Just wanted you to know you are not alone.


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Posted by @ritamary, Jun 4, 2012

Hi Laney – I am 63 – was diagnosed10 years ago – my doctors are just now talking about treatment. The first oncologist I saw was a lovely older man and he gave me the best advise ever. He told me that I should not start worrying about CLL until he told me it was time. I honestly took his advice – thought about this disease about a week before my appointment and a few days after. Your attitude is really important – a therapist might help you put things in perspective. You don’t want to let your kids pick up on your panic. I would also tell you to get attached to a University or some other research facility. Every year that passes gives us better and better treatments – If you don’t need treatment for 10 or 15 years – just think of the progress we will have made by then. Be positive – you will be there for your kids – don’t let this diagnosis allow you to lose focus on the important things. Best – Rita

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