Retired RDT with degenerative disc disease

Posted by suebreen54 @suebreen54, Mar 9, 2016

Hi my name is sue. I’m a retired RDT I worked in clinical nutrition at Crouse hospital in Syracuse, NY . I left yet another job because of injuries to the discs in my spine. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc desease in my early 20’s. I ignored it for the most part. I did go to physical therapy as long as i could. I also ,have a friend who has Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Welcome to the Connect community, Sue.

You may be interested in joining @joeallen and others Brain & Nervous System group and in particular this discussion thread. Joe talks about being forced to retire due to degenerative disc disease.

How is your friend with Guillain-Barre syndrome doing? We have a few members talking about this too if you’d like to be connected.

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I posted I have had chronic pain since 2015 my chronic pain started 2003

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