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Hi my name is Ric and I average between 0 and 4 [...]

Posted by @rixrax in Healthy Living, May 21, 2014

Hi my name is Ric and I average between 0 and 4 hours a night sleep most of my life. When In was younger it wasn't a problem. Now that I'm older it is a problem, I'm tired and would to sleep but can't. I've been to sleep specialists who give me advice I've already found doing my own research., Use the bed for sleep only, don't exercise later in the daym, stay away from other then the morning cup of coffee. None of it works as do none of the medications work body has habituated to them. Any thoughts including new medications would be appreciated.

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, May 22, 2014

Hi @rixrax. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble sleeping at night. Here is some information on sleep disorders you may find helpful: Does anyone else have some advice for Ric?

If you'd like to get an expert's answer, you can schedule an appointment at Mayo Clinic here:

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