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Cheryl Dotson

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Hi, my name is Cheryl and I have Fibromyalsia or FMS, I

Posted by @cheryldotson, Oct 16, 2012

Hi, my name is Cheryl and I have Fibromyalsia or FMS, I also have CFS…which is Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. I have IBS, Anxiety Dissorder, Depression and have Myocolonic siezures caused by stress. I have not worked since 2003. My Illness began with EBV….Ebstien Barr Virus. It is like having Accute Mono, But, you are copmletely sapped of all energy and can’t function. So far, there are no cures. There are different things that you can try, but none last for long and the longer you have it, the more sensitive you become to any medication and the more symptoms you get. Every day is different, every week and every changing of the seasons. I started getting sick in 1993 after I had a major stressor when my son was very ill and allmost died, that was my trigger. Water therapy is the best form of exersize you can do, that does not hurt you, and heat therapy. Keep hoping….I do, It is an awfull thing that has stolen my life. On a good day…WOW, I try to enjoy every bit of it…it’s so nice to feel normal even if it is for a short time, I’ll take it! @fibrovictory


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