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Hi "Merrily". Thanks for the gift. Have you been seen at Mayo

Posted by @elsa, Jan 24, 2012

Hi “Merrily”. Thanks for the gift. Have you been seen at Mayo for your MS? How are you doing with it? Mine is well controlled but I live with chronic pain from failed back surgery syndrome. I hurt myself lifting weights in the gym (which I was doing for 3 years after I was diagnosed with MS). So in the most ironic twist of fate, my efforts to stay fit and strong to fight MS came back to hurt me worse than the MS. That’s my story in a nutshell. I’d be happy to hear yours if you care to write. –All Best, Elsa @merrily2410

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Posted by @merrily2410, Jan 25, 2012

How is it that you say your m.s seems to be well controlled. are you on a medication (shot)? I can’t seem to stay w/ those and I was diagnosed in 1997!! My doc, not knowing I had gone off rebif, saw an mri and said” no changes, good, see what the shots are doing for you?” Not much change can occur as my mri a few years ago said I had more lesions on my brain than they cared to count!! ( I cried and cried when I read that report) I have a good attitude, don’t do too much excercising , try to eat well enough, and miraculously am still moving around fine. (no assistance, nor will I ever!!) No, I have never been to the clinic. thanks for writing and when you haeve a minute, I’d love to hear what meds your on for m.s

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