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Hi Mayo Friends, It's Rox here. I am sorry for the periods

Posted by @roxie43, Nov 3, 2012

Hi Mayo Friends,
It’s Rox here. I am sorry for the periods of absence. Life can get very complicated and consume so much time that I would rather spend chatting with all of you. I am still out of work. My job has done everything possible not to allow me to return because I report unethical, inhumane, discriminatory and retaliatory practices. However, my job is my job and eventually I am going to return. It’s challenging at times because it appears that people that are evil are happy and the ones that are good human beings are sad. It’s not fair but it is what it is unless we refuse to accept the status quo. I think of you all often and I just want to remind all of you that you pulled me out of some very dark days. You are all special and even if I am not online you are not forgotten. Big Hug….


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