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Hi Luckymom1, would you please keep me posted on your progress? I

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 28, 2012

Hi Luckymom1, would you please keep me posted on your progress? I would like to go deeper with what had happen/unfolded; during the time leading up to the surgery! Speaking from experience, being under any time of unnecessary/wanted emotional trauma, stress; could cause severe, serious consequences, and both emotional/physical additional health problems, or complications! This could lead to a premature death, or life threatening illnesses/disease! The Saying is Stress, or Any Mental Illness that out of control, beyond your statue of limitation; can nearly kill you! I’m a living witness, testimony of, to that saying! Prior to surgery, I had no idea that I was under so much emotional distraughtment at that time! It cause severe additional health problems; such as right side pelvic pains, headaches, a little speaking complications; depending on the level of pain, lost of mobility, and unnecessary emotional disturbance/trauma! I wouldn’t wish, want that type of situation, issue; to happen to any human being, esp. by, to, or from another human being, fellowman, or mankind in general! It can take your health farther than it needs to go! Now I’m disable, suffer severe personal bodily harm/injuries, abandonment, extreme medical neglect, declination, excessive collateral, punitive damages, PTSD, mental anguish, or emotional distraughtment/trauma, death threats, several attempts to kill, or demise my health totally; to get rid of crucial medical evidence, DNA, key star witness/victim of whom the crime was meant for, committed against; which is myself! All this was done to me; at, on the account, strength, in the care, hand of, discretion, intention, and at the expense of other human beings, my fellowman, or mankind period! Thats on for sure, real! Sadly, uptopart! @luckymom1



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Posted by @luckymom1, Apr 29, 2012

i am doing fine….prior to my sugery and things that i need to get done and cant do them right now has got me depressed….cant drive untl doc tells me that i can ..anoither thing that has me down in the but i am strong and willing to sacrafice anything to get better….thanks for checking up on me…u dont how deeply i appreciate this..cuz since the losr of my mom a yr ago my 2 siblings and i have gone our seperate ways…thanks for being my friend…god bless u

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