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Hi Leland So sorry that you're not feeling well. I posted on

Posted by @roxie43, Mar 22, 2012

Hi Leland
So sorry that you’re not feeling well. I posted on ECT and how helpful it was. It was actually life saving and I was always high functioning despite chronic depression until last year.
I was so fearful but it was so worth it. If you plan on continued work I would recommend the unilateral vs bilateral because there are fewer side effects. The first session will leave your body sore due to the induced seizure so prepare yourself to feel like you ran a Marathon. This is normal as are headaches but request Soma a muscle relaxer if the headaches are bad.
I currently have no side effects big it’s important to note everyone reacts differently. Best of luck. The procedure is safe but be sure to express any concerns before and after.
God bless @leland


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