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Hi Lana from Atlanta - So you were wondering about my knee

Posted by @jonsan in Just Want to Talk, Jul 17, 2011

Hi Lana from Atlanta - So you were wondering about my knee issues ?!?!.. Well .. Once upon a football field many moons ago - A torn medial-meniscus - and one orthopedic surgeon who insinuated that the NFL may not be in the cards for my future, suggested I hang up my cleats after surgery number #1 - Which I did !! 15 years later it was suggested that I also hang up my snow skis, and simply sit by the fire with a nice martini and my designer after-ski boots and sweater !! .. Which i did, well - sort of - for about 5 years - And then - Back to the slopes and up to the BLACKS - and down came Jon again.. So no more ski adventures !! Oh yeah - Basketball caused the 2nd surgery.. So I guess you could say I was old enough to know better - But still too young to care - still am more or less - Anyway there ya go .. So I suppose you could conclude... That Yes !! The Knee was a result of "Living Life", maybe a little on the edge, and over the edge at times - And those resulting special little accidents that often ensue !! Thanks for asking ..... So then - Howzzz bout your ACL .. Better now it sounds ..!?!? @lanacavassa

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