Haven't been diagnosis with anything yet but having severe chest pain

Posted by lilkimtheoriginal813 @lilkimtheoriginal, May 14, 2014

Hi . Kimberly. I’m. Haven’t been diagnosis with anything yet but the doctor had to do my blood work first. But I’m having severe chest pain its been 5days with this pressure. I Havent eaten in 3days. I’m worried. I just moved and it just me n my gf. I’m comfortable where I’m staying. My job transfer. I went from eating off floor to a dumpster. I’m not depressed. In January I weighed 326 and I’m 5’7. Now I weigh 287. I just next appointment in 2werks. He prescribed me zanax to relieve the chest pressure a hyperventilating. I haven’t slept no more than 4hrs n 3 days. I can’t stop worrying I. Trying too. Last month was 10yrs since my moms death from diabetes. Every year its something about my mom. I need help. Please

Hang in there! Your doctor should be able to help you get ahold of things. If you need help before that or start to really feel down, you can always call the suicide prevention lifeline at: 1-800-273-8255. I wish you the best with feeling better soon!

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