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Hi Jocie: I am a Crohn's patient that was discovered 50 years

Posted by @healthsearch, Jun 2, 2012

Hi Jocie:
I am a Crohn’s patient that was discovered 50 years after my problem started (when I was about 14). First symptom was acid in my stomach and later many symptoms including headache. The diagnosis was surgery since I had a terrible pain. They were going to remove part of my intestine and fix the valve in the throat to stop the reflex and many other items. Thanks to my mom she wanted another opinion from a doctor in Italy. She saved my life. He physically examined me and as he pressed my pain area I fainted. He said I had an enlarged liver and the medication he prescribed will fix the problem. Wow he was right I became brand new with no problems at all. He gave me shots of Methinonine, B12, and Vitamin K. The treatment lasted over two years and as the symptoms started to come back I went to him again and got another set of medication and got it done in the ship on the way to New York. I did great for another two years and as the symptoms started again I went to the American doctors. They had no idea what I was talking about. They had no education in the nutrition area they only know drugs. My understanding there are two areas of information for the liver the diseases and functions. European doctors are very familiar with the functions of the liver and the American doctors with disease of the liver. I had a lot of problems especially lately and I am treating my self in the last few months with Liver Support Factors vitamins by Country Life. I was in The Vitamin Shop and read the ingredients and purchased it for experiment and it worked great. I can eat any disturbing foods and the pills makes the symptoms go away. I am looking for a doctor who is educated to know and understand that a clean liver stops most of the problems that the body have. I am also suffering from a lot of muscular pain and these pills are taken them away. Red meat causes a lot of joint pain probably because of uric acid. At the end please investigate your liver where most problems come from including memory loss. I hope this gave you a direction. @jocienance


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