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hi, Im new here, and I clicked on the mingle button and

Posted by @helpmeplz, Nov 14, 2012

hi, Im new here, and I clicked on the mingle button and you were one of the persons it apointed to me, anyways hi I am RuthAnne- I am from Canada, although my profile may show in the States but it would not give me the option to say Canada with no “state” filled in, so I tried several times then said screw it and just put in that I was from USA. I suffer severly with depression and today I feel at my breaking point so I reached out for a website to find answers, solutions and well to see if I could find anyone to talk to that feels like me 🙁 Before I write anything more I guess I should wait to see if you’d like to chat with me. Sincerely RuthAnne @wargirlb4

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Posted by @wargirlb4, Nov 15, 2012

Why, honey, of course! I’d be glad to, although I may have missed you, I see your post was 12 hours ago, and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve wasted that long playing FarmVille (a useless, addictive game, a real time-waster, for sure!) I’m new here, too, I clicked on here to find some info on COPD, because I really do feel like there’s an elephant sitting on my chest! Sorta saps the ol’ energy reserves. Before you type anything else, I bet depression is one of your major ailments. I think it’s my main one, mentally, anyway. Fought it all my life, and finally figured out that what you push against the most, resists, and pushes back. So..I’ve been on a quest, of sorts, and practicing the Law of Attraction. Reading Neale Donald Walsch, Esther Hicks, and mpre like them. Looking for answers. Reading on, anything and everything, some that really resonates in my soul, and some that’s just out there. The broader my mind, the more it opens, and the more answers that come to me. Okay, now I’m the one who has written a book here!! I’ll be talkin’ to ya, eh?

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