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Hi, I'm Marian. I am also seriously depressed. I was given 3

Posted by @missnanforever, Apr 13, 2012

Hi, I’m Marian. I am also seriously depressed. I was given 3 different anti-depressants and what horror. So, I am with you for the natural remedy. I have a big garden. Long story~like everyone~but I have found it to be true that going outside every day and getting the Sun on me is a start. Herbs, which it just occurred to me recently that that’s what spices are, are really easy to grow. You can buy the seedlings and grow like 6 herbs in a 2′ X 2′ bed. I prefer containers myself. Anything could be used if cash is one of your challenges. I have found it to be true that making my own tea leaves helps. Yoga, meditation and visualization have helped more than all medical advice combined. I got tired of hearing that until I noticed that the Eastern cultures of the world beat us on health hands down. They are committed to spiritual health and they eat mostly veggies. Very little meat. Mint ~if you don’t garden a rule is to never put mint in the ground, it will take over, anyway mint and lemon balm are the first herbs for tea I tried. Then, since I already have literally 100’s of plantings & a Certified Wildlife Habitat, that I was already growing edible flowers. It’s a happy moment to see sunflower petals in my yogurt mix. There are a lot of edible flowers that have properties for helping find contentment again. Rose petals can be eaten or made for tea. Of coarse, they have to be grown organically. But that is easier anyway. Just knowing that I grew the spices in the soup etc., makes me feel good. And for me, those moments of joy just need to be embraced and made to last longer than a moment. Growing anything, especially flowers brings beauty. When my Daughter died I almost died. Watching her sisters pain is still unbearable. I think if DeAnna hadn’t loved the garden so much and I didn’t still grow for the wildlife, I would have killed myself. I think about it too much as it is. So, I go out and look at the Daffodils and other Spring blooming plants and for a moment feel alive. I hope you try it, start with a few herbs and flowers. You might just get bitten by the gardening bug. Better than the bug of depression we have, right. Let me know what you think O.K? Sincerely, Marian @lynchp05


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