Hi I'm a new member, I have had low back pain flare

Posted by BethCIowa @bethciowa, Nov 13, 2011

Hi I’m a new member, I have had low back pain flare ups for 3~4 years now, each time it seems to last longer. I have had 3 steroid epidurals since July 12, 2011. (3 in 3 months) MRI’s don’t show nerves being effected by a 2 mm buldging disc between L4 & L5. I am unable to stand very long, I limp, protecting my right side, my right toes are numb and tingley, as well as the right side of my female area. I am waiting for a spine surgeon to review my MRI. At night my right toes/foot tingle and have a burning sensation. My eyesight seems to have gotten much worse, I’m not sure if that is related or not. My right butt cheek feels badly bruised, but it is not. Any ideas?

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I have experienced low back pain really bad a few years ago. I have bulging disks also. I also have arthritis which doesn’t help. In my conditions, I was told that my cyatic would slip and I needed my stomach/lower abdoman muscles stronger to support my back. I needed to work on my posture and purchased a belt to wear. I did therapy treatments and was told to go to a massage therapist once in awhile to relieve muscle tightness. This isn’t covered by insurance, so I really haven’t ever gone. Don’t know if this helps at all, but I truly understand how painful this can be.

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