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Hi, I have to tell you your beach picture drew me to

Posted by @sandybeach, Oct 23, 2012

Hi, I have to tell you your beach picture drew me to you. I too suffer from depression. I feel so different from everyone like everone is normal and I don;t fit in. We recently moved to Florida and felt I would have a new start. It;s been two years and new things are happening. I guess I try too hard or so I’ve been told , to make people like me. I tend to talk alot when we’re out in public and not only get teased alot but last night frightened an aquqintence which frightened me and wanted to cry and just go home but I held my composure not to make a sceen, which has happened before. Recently an elderly neighbor passed away and his wife is so distraught as they loved each other so mmuch. I wished tonight I could take his place, not that my huband doesn;t love me just don’t believeI’m useful and I’m sad and starting once again not to care. @china



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Posted by @mepslissy, Oct 23, 2012

Hi Sandy Beach,
Im new Just had to get in touch with you. I feal the same way and have NO ONE in my life. The aloneness has become ok. But I am a cronic outsider nad have to put real effort into leaving my house. Wish I could get help for my health. Stuck in a medical system that only lets you see doctors in their county! Keep on keeping on. Look for small pleasures and concentrate on them with all your might.
I have develouped tea serimonies with my garden. I grow everblooming gardens in big pots to keep a bloom for the day as a selebration of life and thanks to the creator. I have three medical service dogs and they keep me entertained. I HAVE to leave the housefor potty break and a walk in a feild next to my apartment…Lesley

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