Hi, I have recently been referred to Mayo Clinic, I have many

Posted by Troy @troy1, Jul 16, 2011

Hi, I have recently been referred to Mayo Clinic, I have many issues. I was wondering what if anything you have you learned about your swelling problem. The reason I ask is because I used to have those same problems. I called migratory arthrits. This symptom lead me through a long process, but, I got a diagnosis of Lupus. @jenfred75

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I have not found out anything yet. It is something that my doctor is trying to figure out and that is why I came to this website to see if anybody has experienced the same type of thing. He knows something is not right, but my blood work has not been clear other than the westergren being elevated (which means there is an infection but it is a nonspecific test).


Were your platlets low? Lupus can cause symptoms, but you may not really have that specific problem. After many trips to the dr. when I was young, the tested me for Strep and Mono, and I even had a bone marrow biopsy and every thing came back negative. My dr. at the time said just let her go,even though I was running a fever, my spleen was enlarged, he said to him I was fine. I didn’t offically diagnosed with Lupus until I was about 1993.

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