Hi. I have been suffering from wrist pain...bilateral since Feb. One MD [...]

Posted by kathyswansonsolka @kathyswansonsolka, May 29, 2015

Hi. I have been suffering from wrist pain…bilateral since Feb. One MD said it was tendonitis — sent me for hand therapy. Made it worse. Another MD said ganglioins and I received cortisone injections. One hand is better the other is worse. I do have a positive diagnosis for carpal tunnel. I am still having wrist pain. Do you think it is carpal tunnel syndrome? Can’t see dr. til Thurs. Pain is in the middle of my wrist, not on the underside, extending into my pointer finger and about 2″ into the forearm. Your thoughts as to what this is? I am in constant pain and on Motrin or Tylenol 3 when it’s really bad. I’m a 51 yo female that works as a secretary. Thank you.

Drs. have ruled out rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis. X-rays negative

Wearing a splint whenever possible(esp. at night) helped me with similar pain.I worked as a Dental hygienist for 41 yrs.

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