Hi! I have been on prednisone longer than I'd like to admit [...]

Posted by Kelly Shulk @klshulk, Jul 2, 2015

Hi! I have been on prednisone longer than I’d like to admit but, it’s the only thing (20mg) that keeps me from itching. I don’t break out in rashes but I itch in places where no chemicals can get to. My teeth even itch. I don’t know where to go or what to do as I’ve been to an allergist and nothing definitive was found. Has any one else experience the same?

Not sure if you will see this since it’s been a week since you posted. I was looking at the discussion boards because I am going to try to get my husband in to be seen at Mayo Clinic out of desperation. I saw your post and thought how awful that must be and then to feel like you are alone and like no one else has experienced this is probably way too much.

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