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Hi, I don't know if 458 is bad. To find out

Posted by @rocco, Aug 4, 2011

Hi, I don’t know if 458 is bad.
To find out how bad my liver is, i had a liver biopsy done; this showed me what stage of liver disease I’m in. It was stage 3 ( 1 to 5 scale; with 5 being the worst). It’s definetly can be treated. In fact, even late stage liver disease can be treated for hep c. There is a new drug out that even works with people with some cirrosis; for me I have an 80% chance of success.
So to really know how bad your liver is, you have to have a biopsy. This is a very easy test; it did’nt hurt me much
and it only takes a few minutes.
After curing hep c I would think that the enzyme levels would go down alot..
I’m doing more research on this to decide if I want the treatment for hep c.
rocco5 @scaredsis27


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