PBC, gastritis, low B12, endocrine tumors also found

Posted by lorettanebraska @lorettanebraska, May 10, 2016

Hi, I am new to this site. I am a 72year old female who has had PBC for 23 years. I recently had an endoscopy because I was experiencing stomach distress. Three endocrine tumors were found and I was diagnosed with autoimmune gastritis with mild atrophy. Because this can cause one to become B12 deficient I was tested for B12 levels and found to be low. I am now on monthyly B12 shots. I would like to know if anyone else has a similar problem and what treatment you have been given. I feel I need more information. I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

Hi @lorettanebraska,
I see you connected with other members in the Cancer group who also are living with endocrine tumors. You may also wish to read this thread where members are talking about complications related to primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/i-was-diagnosed-with-primary-biliary-cirrhosis-5-yrs-ago-i-have/

I’m tagging @jafd @rosemarya @tiffanyandrews on this thread to see if they have some experiences to share with you.

Loretta How did you appointment with your doctor go? What are the next steps?

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