Hi , i am new to this group, and i was diagnosed [...]

Posted by Mary @marybucci, Apr 10, 2014

Hi , i am new to this group, and i was diagnosed with a mild case of gerd about 5years ago, i had an endoscopy and i had an erosion at the end of my esophagus, so i started taking omeprazole daily but then i quit taking because my new primary says only take if you are having symptoms so i did, the only time i seem to have problems is when i do not eat correctly. and drink regular coffee which i have been doing but recently switched to decaff and its better. the one thing that i have been experiencing is a achey pain in my left upper chest it feels like a pulled a muscle if i move a certain way it does get a bit annoying does anyone else experience this due to acid relux or gerd. but one thing i do remember from the gastro doctor id that in fine print at bottom of my results it said to take the prilosec indefinately!! could some one tell me does that mean every day forever!! i am confused my new primary said only when u need to HELP!!!!

Hi @marybucci. I’m sorry to hear about your confusion. Here is some information on treatment and drugs for GERD: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gerd/basics/treatment/con-20025201. I hope this is helpful for you.

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