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Hi, I am inquiring about your ECT experience for my son. He

Posted by @kit in Just Want to Talk, Jan 26, 2012

Hi, I am inquiring about your ECT experience for my son. He is 23 years old and has severe depression and social anxiety and has tried 30++ medications none of which have even begun to touch his depression.

Can you tell me about your illness and the meds you tried? The ones that worked and the ones that didn't? Why did you decide on ECT? How has it changed your life? How many treatments did you have? Where did you have the treatments performed?

My wife and I are trying to help our son gather information to help make a decision on whether or not to have ECT.

Thank you!

Kit @edeleo


Posted by @edeleo, Jan 26, 2012

Wow, I am thrilled that you have reached out to me.

I tried probably over a dozen medications. The ones that I can think of right now are: Paxil, Risperdal (first two they put me on). Then Seroquel, Depakote, Zoloft, Luvox, Lexapro, Prozac, Wellbutrin (that one seemed to have the most lasting effect on me), and others. None of the other meds seemed to have any lasting effect.

My Mom also bought me one of those lights that is supposed to treat SAD. It was a nice light, but had no impact.

I went through with ECT because I felt I had nothing to lose. I had been in and out of treatment centers for four years, with probably half a dozen life-threatening suicide attempts.

I had 12 bilateral treatments over the course of one month at St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. My psychiatrist was Dr. Sheth. He was a good psychiatrist, if you want to look him up.

ECT was a 99% cure for me. It's been 6 years since my treatments and my depression has not come back, with the exception of several intense but very short-lived (never lasting more than an hour) episodes where I became suicidal again. One time, I did attempt.

About two years after ECT, my social anxiety came back. That is something I have had success dealing with through quitting drinking coffee and taking a natural supplement that has lots of magnesium.

I experienced debilitating mental illness for a total of five years. Since ECT, I consider myself cured, and experience no remaining effects from it, with the exception of having only a foggy recollection of the events surrounding my treatments. Other benefits are that my memory became better than before ECT, and a minor speech impediment I had went away.

Plain and simple, ECT was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I can now pass for normal (LOL) because of it.

I hope this helps, and please tell your son that all is not lost, and I believe recovery is possible for him.

Please feel free to ask me anything else you would like to know.

As I write this, I am producing a short documentary about my experiences with depression leading up to ECT. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you link to it on YouTube when it is finished in a few weeks.

Very best wishes and hope to you and your family,


Posted by @kk, Jan 26, 2012

I too have anxiety and depression. I have never considered ECT. We're you scared if this procedure?

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