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Hi, hope all is well. Would like to share with you what

Posted by @savanti, Nov 6, 2011

Hi, hope all is well. Would like to share with you what I have learn through research, personal experience and being an autistic savant. The brain is like a child around the age of one. What do you spend most of your day thinking about? What are the highlights of the day. Example, diets fail because people spend their entire day thinking about their diet which is related to food.So, the brain not knowing right from wrong believes the person wants to think about food even when the person is in the middle of doing something, so the brain shoots an impluse to remind the person about food.
I enjoy drinking, the feeling, the taste and it helps me sleep. What I have noticed about my ability to stop is how my brain works, I occupy my day with activities which are new to me. Anytime you do something new, you have to focus or really think about how to do it.
To stop drinking, here si something I shared with people living with a condtion much worse then drinking, mental illness. You need to sit down right beofre bed, plan out tomorrow starting with getting out on the other side of the bed, don’t do what you always do when you wake up. Change things around, how can you change the way yolu brush your teeth, how can you change breakfast, eat something different, yes, even if you don’t like it.
What are you going to do as you go through the morning. Change it up even at work. How creative can you be. Tomorrow needs to be different to the point it forces you to have to think are you will make mistakes. You are human, no different from anybody else in the world. What happened to you was getting tingled up in a social life not knowing everything you did as you went through the day was a life of many habits.
What is a habit? A habit is anything you can do without having to think about how to do it. This life style is very bad for anybody, especially bad bor people living with any condition controlling their life, Like when you do the dishes you are able to think about other things which can also allow the brain to pop an impluse into your head from out of the blue causing you to think about something you should forget and you can’t.
I recommend writing down everything you do in a day, next be creative and change something or one thing with everything you do. When it comes to doing that one thing will determine your inner spirit to take control, however, as soon as you start to think to yourself your brain is going to help you.
When you were born your brain how nothing to use. So, the brain was trained on how to use the five senses to develope. It was like a mad scientist not believing anything without facts. The five senses depends on fact, I have to taste it to believe it taste that way, I have to see it to know it looks that way and so on with the other senses.
Then along comes adolescents, the five senses are not needed a much as before when it came ot needing to learn something. You could stand and observe the environment around and thinks to the good ole mind created around the age of two you intercepted the five senses and begin to retrain the brain on new principles and values causing the brain to become a different person so to speak.
How far off are you from being the child you were around the age of two or three before you mind begin to take control of the brain. I call it a foundation created from the first few years of your life. If, your parents did their job, it will not be hard for you to get back on that foundation. I have learned when people change their childlike principles, values and morals they slowly slide off the foundation.
Now as an adult you can still do things adults do, nothing is different, its about how you spend the alone time that pushes you off the foundation. Although the closer you are to being like a child with your P, V and morals the more success you will find in life.
Ask you parents what kind of baby and what you did during the first two years of your life? The brain is very powerful when you learn how not to think, when it comes to doing anything. Its means-be open minded about everything. This is how the brain functions at its best. One more thing never do something the same way twice! This is the reason America isn’t doing very good. Take Care @tstewartsd


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