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Hi EmilyFrancis, Thank You from connecting with me! I don't know much

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 28, 2012

Hi EmilyFrancis, Thank You from connecting with me! I don’t know much about your sickness! However I do know something about being in extreme pain! I’m not as in much pain now; as, like I was in the past! When the pains were in progress; it wasn’t nothing nice! The doctor had prescribe RX for my pain: but you have be cautious, and wise when taking any kind of prescribe drugs/medication! In addition make sure you gather as much information, and educate your self about your health condition! Doctors, Medical Professionals Are Not As Compassionate, Respectful, Mature, Caring, Transparent, Sincere, Kind, Pleasant, Humble, Concern, Interested, Sensitive, Articulate, Spiritual, Intellectual, Supportive, Reliable, Selfless, Courageous, Attentive, Balance, Peaceful, Sound, Stable, Firm, Trust Worthy, Real, Devoted, and or As Committed Like Talking About, Should Be! Point blank, and Straight Up! This Is Not No Heresy Neither, or What Somebody Told Me! I’m telling you what I know, sense, witness, and experience! So just make sure you are careful, mindful about the RX, over the counter drugs you takes! If not drugs/medications could do you more harm; than good if not taken wisely, cautiously! I hope my information would be of help, service to you! Sincerely, uptopart! @emilyfrancis


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