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Hi! dont give up ! Ive had some of the same problems.

Posted by @hsktuffy in Just Want to Talk, May 17, 2012

Hi! dont give up ! Ive had some of the same problems. have you ever had endrometrosis? sorry cant spell. anyway that could cause all your problems! Its when the linning of your uterius doesnt all shead. instead it grows on other organs and bleeds everytime you have a period. I had a laperper sorry cant spell it . It.s a small insection to take a look at your organs and if you do have it the can burn it away . also bearth contol pills stop it from growing. Ive also had colitis and c def. kiddeny stones, skin problems, eyes zoster! and now catacts. you know what helps me! wish It away! no really, got to have love in your heart and a strong will and alot of cranberry juice capcuals and the most important thing is saffron. put a pinch in some tea and drink it at least twice aday. It really works. oh and dont stress! b12 shots . wish you the best it will help! @shell7845

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