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hi doctormuq! I'm medical student.I'm 21 now. about 3months ago I realized

Posted by @barankia40, Dec 4, 2012

hi doctormuq!
I’m medical student.I’m 21 now. about 3months ago I realized that there several lymphadenopathy in my neck accidentally! there was no pain and tenderness from the begging!in sonography there are 38 lymphadenopathy in my parotid, mandibular angle, posterior neck chain in both sides of my neck and they are symmetrical, no pain and tenderness, solid and fluctuable and splenomegaly ( spleen size: 135. 85)and one lymphadenopathy in left axilla!in CBC wbc is normal, pt is low about 145000, also MCH is low!CXR is also normal! there are no other symptoms! also EBV test(mono test) is negative! my doctor told me biopsy is necessary !but before biopsy I was tested for toxoplasmosis for caution! I don’t have cat, I never eat vegetables and fruits without completely washing them, no contact with soil!nothing! no suspicious contact!I just had a cat about 5 years ago just for a short time(2 or 3 months)!unfortunately my toxo test is positive: IgM is about2 and IgG is 200! now my questions are: 1. does positive toxoplasmosis test rule out other differential diagnosis like lymphoma? ( I have read that clinical manifestations of toxoplasmosis are rare and occur in children who have cat. and most cases have high IgM about 11or 12 not a low positive like2!) 2. is my lymphadenopathy because of a low positive like2? 3. is biopsy necessary? your help would be greatly appreciated my dear doctor! I’m waiting…………! thank you! @doctormuq


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