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Hi dknnkn, Welcome to our online community network! I never was diagnose

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 29, 2012

Hi dknnkn, Welcome to our online community network! I never was diagnose with that type of disease! So I wouldn’t be of much help to you on that subject! If you wouldn’t mind, I’ll be glad to share with you; what type of health complications I did encounter! The only difference between you and I; are at least you was properly diagnosed! In my case I’m still waiting on some doctor, medical professional; to get to the root cause, bottom of my over all health crisis/deterioration, properly diagnosed, told, documented what happen to my health in the first place, obtain adequate, precise, swift, decisive medical attention/care, and get some type of closure, restoration, and healing with my health problems, matter, and or issues! This has been going on for almost three years! No patient shouldn’t have to go on; that long without being given any answers, information about/surrounding their health condition! The health problems I did encounter; at some point in time was/are: severe right side pelvic, flank pains, speech impairment, dysfunction, disturbance, or diminish/demolish with my speech, elevation in B/P, primary HTN, lost of mobility, lameness on the right portion of the body, headaches every other day; with at least one massive headache, TIA’s, mini strokes, or some type of brain injuries, disturbance, interruption, or attacks, DVT/bloot clot hospitalized for one week, emotional/occupational distraughtment, setbacks, mental anguish, and or PTSD! Something is damn wrong with the doctors, medical professionals; to even tell the patient, or insist/make like nothing isn’t wrong with the patient’s health! This is the God honest true! Uptopart! @dknnkn



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Posted by @piglit, Apr 29, 2012

Uptopart you do really need to go and get some professional help for all the ongoing issues Piglit


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Posted by @roxie43, Apr 29, 2012

This site is not a joke uptopart. I don’t know if you’re playing or in serious need of hospitalization but whatever the case is please know that we care and just want you to be safe and better than some of the illogical things you’re posting.

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