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Hi Cherylbev69! This is woolie. Strange user name I know, but it

Posted by @woolie in Just Want to Talk, Oct 10, 2011

Hi Cherylbev69! This is woolie. Strange user name I know, but it was a nickname when I was small and lived in London, England. I was always bundled up with woolen cardigans and jumpers! I still feel the cold in winter here - yes it does get cold in S. Africa, especially in the interior. I have had Fibro for eleven years now, and it has steadily got worse. Trouble is one can react well to tablets initially, and then everything changes and I seem to produce antibodies or something. It all affects my stomach, and then I go down further. Most of our Seratonin sites are in our stomach, and I think that is why. So sorry to hear you have lost your job. I was working in England for a year and a half, and got so stressed with the diversity of the job and long hours and travelling. I couldn't sleep properly, not a restorative sleep, and seemed half awake all night. It took its toll on me and I looked fifteen years older! My husband and I emigrated back to S. Africa and then our son got Testicular cancer. He lost both his testes. I was very upset and looked after him for a while after. Then we had stacks of burglaries, which made me very anxious and nervous. I was trying to do too much as well. Then came shakiness and pain. They thought I had Parkinson's for four years, and for all this time I took the meds. Then I was on anti-depressents, muscle relaxers. Finally, two years ago, I went to a Rheumatologist who felt the pressure points on my back, and told me I had Fibromyalgia. He gave me a script for just three things. Cymbalta, or Cymgen (generic) anti depressant, Pur -blocka, which slows the system down so you get less pain. You can take three of these a day. Finally, Trepiline, taken around eight in the evening, to also take away pain and let you sleep. I found the Trepiline can make you constipated, so take 5mg only instead of ten now. Also, lots of fresh, cooked vegies and uncooked fruit. Frozen vegies don't work as well. I also went from Cimgen to Molipaxin, as I had some reactions. Molipaxin does not have so many side effects for me, but taking it plus the Trepeline can make you tired the next day. I would never be able to hold down a job, as I haven't the energy! I only have to stand five minutes on good days, and a couple of minutes when the weather is bad to get a burning feeling in my legs, and have to sit or crawl. My husband is very understanding, and does a lot in the house, but we are moving quite a way, to Fish-Hoek near Cape Town, so the packing stressful. It is by the sea, and it will mean that I get out more, walk along the beach (exercise is very important), and go to the nearby Malls. I cannot stand long or walk far, so, in the malls will use a wheelchair. I hope to eventually have more strength and less pain in my legs. I have recently gone on a site on the Internet - Dr. Rodger Murphree. A lot of people seem to have had luck with him and his advice. I see you are in London - is that London England or America? There always seems to be a duplication of place names everywhere. If the latter, you will be able to send for his book which they say is very helpful. It suggests homeopathic things like 5HTP & SAMe. Every heard of these things? They are instead of anti-depressants. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may not be able to take them. You should try though, as they are better for you than the anti-depressents I have mentioned earlier.. The book also contains advice and exercises I believe.
How long have you had Fibro and how does it affect you? Sometimes when a cold front is coming in, I feel like I have rocks in my bed, but a lot of the time I sleep really well. Have you been to a Rheumatologist. Tell me about yourself. One feels so alone without people to talk to who have got it. My own friends of long standing have gone. They simply don't seem to understand all the things about Fibro that make you different now and not the person they first knew. For instance I am light/dark sensitive, don't like loud noises, and can't always make it when they asked me around or out. Well, looks like I have written a book! Hope some of this helps! Kind regards, Woolie @cherylbev69

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