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Hi bumblebee1214, Welcome aboard! I don't have the same type of health

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 30, 2012

Hi bumblebee1214, Welcome aboard! I don’t have the same type of health issues you, others in similiar situation may have/had! However, your experiences with some, or most of the doctors, medical professionals; are the same in my case! My situation is more deeper, serious, complicated, sickening, torturous, mind boggling, insane, uncause for, and life threathening! What I’m really saying is This! I never was good enough, bias, racist, another color, wicked, hateful, rude, disresptful, dishonest, selfish, divisive, childish, and so forth, on enough; to get, be entitle to receive swift, prompt, adequate, precise, decisive medical attention, nor diagnosis! As a result, I’m disable, severely bodily harmed/injuried, emotional distraught, torn, or drain, my speech is a hot, stinky, low down mess; it’s very dysfunctional, disturb, nearly diminish/demolish, and I suffer excessive collateral, punitive damages! Nobody didn’t see, hear, said nothing; So therefore Nobody doesn’t Knows Nothing! My god when the doctors, medical professionals becomes that; low down, hateful, bias, racist, intimidated, reckless, foolish, childish, bigoted, important, selfish, harmful/dangerous, unprofessional, comfortable, laid back, mentally ill, hostile, bitter, and etc.! Then got damn it, it’s time to close/shut down the shop, give up the ghost, make drastic changes, and or seek another profession! Straight Up, and Point Blank! Would You Agree bumblebee2014? Thanks for your acceptance to become; my online community friend! Sincerely Uptopart! @bumblebee1214


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