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Hi boggs- When the bipolar symptoms became more pronounced I had to

Posted by @paige, Aug 7, 2012

Hi boggs- When the bipolar symptoms became more pronounced I had to exercise. It wasn’t a matter of self-discipline; if I didn’t exercise for at least 3 hours out of everyday the agitation and anxiety became incredibly worse. If , for some reason, I was forced to discontinue taking Xanax I would definitely need to go into a detox facility. There’s no shame in that. The shame is when people, who do not understand, place judgement on those of us who struggle with mental illness, and finding the correct meds that actually work. If they had any idea how difficult it can be to manage bipolar they would be singing a different tune. My family doesn’t understand , because they’ve never experienced having serious mental illness. Like childbirth- if you’ve never pushed out a baby you’re never going to know what it feels like. With my bipolar it’s learning to be on my own, and giving up wanting others to understand. My bipolar face to face support group helps. In answer to your question about feeling better when the sun goes down : Yes, definitely. As the sun goes down I start to feel much happier and energetic. It’s tempting to stay up late, but the price is too high. Lost sleep makes me vulnerable to a nasty mood swing the following day. I asked my doctor about this condition and he told me all of his patients with bipolar feel better as evening arrives. He also said medical science doesn’t fully understand why this happens. The other thing you asked about is ECT : My friend had good results, but everyone is different. She did have memory problems after a treatment, which is why she carried pens and paper everywhere and used sticky notes all over the house. All day long I keep going, going , going : Just like you, without some kind of knock-out med, I must be active to keep my brain calm and even then it doesn’t always work. Please feel free to keep me posted about how you’re doing. I’m glad to have found you as a friend. Best Wishes, Elizabeth @boggs


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