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Hi Bink, Jan. 2011 I was told that I had liver cancer,

Posted by @pscer, Jul 17, 2012

Hi Bink, Jan. 2011 I was told that I had liver cancer, then after many test, PBC, then after further testing PSC. I went to the Mayo clinic Jan. 2012 and had a wonderful experience. They are much more knowledgable since they see more people with our condition. I have tried to stay positive throughout the process, but before my trip to Mayo, I was starting to feel like I had a death sentence posted on my forehead. Leaving there, I felt like I had a new lease on life and many answers to my questions that I wasn’t able to get elsewhere. Again, I went through testing at the Mayo, but they told me I did not have some of the things that I was told I had. (Ex. I was told that I have Crohns, I don’t, I have issues associated with PSC that affects me, but I am on meds that truly help with the pain.) Best of luck to you!!! Stay positive!!! Anita @bink

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Posted by @bink, Jul 19, 2012

Hi PSCer i actually received a call this afternoon and i will be heading to the Mayo Clinic on Aug. 20th for an 8 A.M registration appt. . I so understand how you felt as i too feel like that at times but i try to keep the faith and smile and take one day at a time , it gives me hope to know they are so wonderful and knowledgeable there and that i will hopefully leave there with guestions answered and feeling better .they do plan to do testing the lady i spoke with said i would need to be there for 5 days and they do it as an outpatient so i need to arrange for lodging . I have an Aunt who has Crohns , has had it for years but has never gone to mayo but does go to Clevland Clinic in Ohio and seems to be doing well . hope you have continued improvement also . thank you for responding 🙂 . casey

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