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Hi, are you on staff at Mayo? I'm thinking of going to

Posted by @razorbackgal50, Aug 1, 2011

Hi, are you on staff at Mayo? I’m thinking of going to Chicago Mayo for an appointment. My problem is I had a total hip replacement in 06. It never worked right so in 07 was redone. After this surgery all of a sudden I have my L2 to L5 crushed or buldging. Was told there was to many for surgery. The problem is it has my nerves pinched and can’t walk much or stand or get up from sitting and in constant pain. Took steriods under X-ray but only last a short time. I do take exercise 2 times a week and swimming exercise 3 days but my leg muscles are getting weaker. Surely there is some surgery to release the nerve pain without steriods. They cause such a weight gain. @leoreynaverin



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Posted by @merlyminer, Aug 1, 2011

I think you should get off the steroids. They can do more damge than good, and I am a a hefty dose due to my Addison’s Disease, but I am also a SCI and cannot afford the extra weight. Have you checked into getting a Medtronic Pump? It is about the size of a hocky put that they surgically insert into your side, usually right below the right ribs, and it has a catheter that snakes around and connects directly to your spine, at what ever level is needed. I have anti-spams medicine in mine called Baclofen, but they can put whatever you need in it, like pain medicine. This is done so you get a small dosage of medicine constantly., around the clock, and then you don’t have to worry about handfuls of pills that might leave you whoozy, hight, or even all other bad side effects. Ask your Dr. about wheither you are a canidate for a Medtronic Pump.

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